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Our jewellery lies not only in the imaginative and original designs but in the very gems that are handpicked for each creation. We strive to source most of our stones from its origin or as close as it gets, enabling us to examine and assess every stone in dire detail to ensure that you get nothing less than the very best. Given the high quality of gemstones found in Ceylon, the island of paradise as its famously known, we handpick some of our best sapphires from Ceylon as well as other countries which are then cut to precision to bring out the best colour and luster.

Sapphire, or “blue” in Greek is a hard gem that actually comes in many colours. They can be green, red or yellow and are often mistaken for other gems such as rubies or peridots. Found throughout the world, sapphires are usually small in size although a few rare “large” sapphires are listed. Probably the largest known is the “Star of India”, a cut sapphire of 536 carats.

Star Gems :
White sapphires are thought to transmit the energy of Venus, which governs scientists and educators as well as encouraging good health and long life.
Wearer of the unblemished ruby enjoys wealth and property and is blessed with children. He becomes fearless, and is protected from afflictions, sorrow and disasters. He becomes virile and his will power and spirit is strengthened. He occupies a respected position in the society

Star Gems : Ruby belongs to the category of the costly gemstones. It is a red colored gemstone.
Cat's eye

Wearing of a Cat's Eye gives happiness in the matter of children and makes the wearer wealthy. It is a restorer of lost wealth. Cat's Eye is a quick acting gemstone and should always be worn after a trial. A blemished stone proves harmful. The stone with spots causes trouble from enemies and that with depression creates stomach disorders.

Star Gems : The Cat's Eye having a yellowish radiance and a white band belongs to the superior class of such gemstones.

  Aquamarine or “water of the sea” in Latin belongs to the beryl group of gems and is generally shades of blue or blue – green in colour, with the most desired being dark blue. Found in small amounts in Sri Lanka, it is used in jewellery of all types.

Star Gems :
Pluto's energy is transmitted by aquamarine, but it is best known as a powerful amulet for the safety of sailors and its ability to encourage a good marriage and ensure truth in business dealings.
Topaz is commonly thought of as a sky-blue gem, but it was not until this century that blue topaz became widespread on the gem market. Natural blue topaz with a deep hue is very uncommon in nature; colorless to light hued stones are heat-treated to achieve the blue color.

Star Gems : Topaz is a gemstone of all colors, and its most valuable color is a golden orange-yellow, called "imperial topaz".
  Tourmalines are the richest in colour and variation of any gems. Long known in Sri Lanka, they were imported to Europe in the 1700s and used for decoration, jewellery and as amulets. Tourmaline has the ability to become electrically charged and is extremely charged and is extremely useful to the scientific community.

Star Gems :
Tourmalines focus the energy of Mercury and are said to enhance one’s understanding and amplify psychic energy, as well as dispel grief and aid concentration and communication.
  Amethysts are an exotic, rich purple and the finest specimens are found in Sri Lanka, India and Brazil. This gem was used as an amulet against intoxication, as it was said the god of wine Bacchus created it. Amethysts are considered a very lucky stone and able to protect against magic.

Star Gems : Saturn’s energy is transmitted though an amethyst and the past it has been used by soldiers for protection in battle. It has also been used to calm anger and relieve frustrated passion.
  Natural citrine is very rare and earns its name form its lemon- yellow colour, but can also be found in varying shades from light yellow to gold-brown. Found mainly in Brazil, Madagascar and Uruguay, as well as in small amounts across the rest of the world, this beautiful gem is constancy and protect against homesickness.

Star Gems :
Citrines are thought to transmit Jupiter’s energy, which governs religious activity, financial affairs, personal happiness and teaching.
Garnet is found all over the world, including Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America and Southeast Asia. There are garnets that change color in different light, translucent green garnets that look like jade, and garnets that display a faint four-rayed star. Even though this exciting gem has been mined for thousands of years, new deposits have been found in the last decade

Star Gems : one of the most versatile stones on the market. It comes in a rainbow of colors, from deep red to tangerine orange to lime green to pale pink, as well as purple, gold and brown.
Two new mining localities are showing promise: Madagascar, which has produced some exceptionally fine stones in small sizes but has no organized mining yet, and Tanzania, which has long produced Spinal in other colors but is starting to produce blue colors as well from a new deposit in the south Spinal is perhaps the toughest and most durable gemstone available on the market

Star Gems : THE STONE OF HEAVENS Most fine Spinal on the market today comes from , which produces a wide range of beautiful blues from delicate sky blue colors to rich saturated hues.
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